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You walked along a road and it was night. Darkness was lit up by street lights. Every time you walked a puddle splashed. You were not intending to be outside but you were desperate. You had to get away from him. The father you had was an abusive drunk.  Every time you could you ran away. Needless to say you walked the empty streets looking into the rain. You cried away the tears you had at home. You were not looking at the path and the tears made you blind and you couldn't see. You stepped into a street full of cars. Then you got pulled back and a scream of a car was heard. You opened up your eyes and saw lights and then fainted. You woke up at a hospital. A nurse walked up to you and you snapped out of the bed and ran out of the room.

"Hello ?" you said walking into a room where you saw a man with bruises.

"Get out now girl!" he shouted. He had thick eyebrows and rough blonde hair.

"But you saved me" you said coming closer. He snapped away and flinched at his broken ribs.

"hey" you said.

"Leave.Me.Alone" he said hopping to the room exit. You grabbed his t-shirt when he stopped.

"Why did you do it?" you whispered to him. He turned some of his head.

"It was a test" he said and tried to run away snatching from you.

You stood in the door way hearing shouts and screams after the man. You then tried to run after him. You ran into the street and saw him. He was desperately crawling over a street full of cars. You ran after him car horning and picked him. He gave you a glare but you dragged him to the other side of the pavement.

"Who asked you to-" he started to say but you turned away.

"You saved my life too" you said.

"Now we are equal so just go" he said with a breaking voice in pain. You could see his ribs moved in a weird motion when you saw his chest.   

"Let them fix you" you said to him.

"I'm not a broken toy" he snapped.

"I didn't mean it like that" you said.

"I can't be fixed !" he said and walked away.

"Say your name at least !" you shouted after the hopping saviour.

"I said leave me!" he shouted and kept hopping away. You walked back into the hospital. Next day you got let out and walked around. You weren't about to come back and get a beating from your father. You then heard a shooting from a dark valley. Then you heard the police and someone bumped into you. You fell down and he kept swearing. He pushed you into his car and drove away. You looked at the driver's seat. It was him. His thick eyebrows and rough hair.

"Not to be rude but why are you kidnapping me?!" you asked.

"Shut up and look at the police cars, tell me if there are any coming" he snapped and turned away.

"There is one" you said and turned.

"Shit hold on and put your seatbelt on" he said. You done as he asked and he made a sharp turn. Then a gun fell out of his hand and a knife out of his pocket both covered in blood.

"Did you kill them with this gun  ?" you asked picking up the gun.

"I told you to shut up" he said and drove. You were about to open the car and jump out onto the street. He would kill you anyway. You arrived at a small home in a forest. He got out and walked into the home and shut the door and you stayed in the car. After midnight he came out and he scraped the knife on the car window and you shook. He opened up the car and you didn't look at him.

"Go into the home" he said with his knife. You got out and walked over. He was walking behind you.

"Sit over there" he said pointing to the sofa with his bloody knife.
"I can kill you" he said and swung the knife in his palm. Then he got up and walked over to you.

"But I won't do it yet" he whispered to your ear. You flinched and turned away.

"Why is it that when I tell who I really am I get his reaction" he said and looked at you and picked your chin up with his bloody knife and cut some of your skin.

"Go to sleep" he said wiping the knife then walked out of the room.

You couldn't sleep. Then in the middle of the darkness you heard shouts and screams. You got away from the sofa and walked into his room. He was screaming and crying with pain and kicking everywhere.  You slowly walked into his room.

"Excuse me" you whispered.

"Hey" you said  but he was still kicking.

"Hello" you said putting an arm on him and he snapped out. He was putting a gun to your head. You shivered and shook. Then he retreated the gun and turned away. You walked away and slept on your sofa and when you woke up you saw food.

"Eat" he said. You sat down. You ate some of it and then he walked out. You walked too and saw him at a room crying.

"Why did you do that ?" you asked and he ignored and kept crying.

"Did you have a nightmare ?" you asked and he kept crying.

"My nightmares don't consist of bad monsters because they are much worse than that" he snapped.

"What are they about ?" you asked.

"It's about people I murdered" he whispered crying. You sat with the crying man and he stood up.

"Stay.Away.From.Me!" he shouted and stormed out. He slammed the door and you didn't move. You could hear him throwing around furniture screaming and you came out of the room. He looked at you.

"What are you gonna try ?Kill me? Come on!" he shouted and threw you a gun. You caught it and walked up to him. You pointed it at his head. Just in between his eyes you stared at his deep blue eyes. You had your hand on the trigger about to pull it. He was sobbing in front of you and you were about to pull when you fell down to his knees.

"That's what I thought" he shouted. He fell to the same level as you gripping his head screaming.

"You aren't even able to pull the trigger on someone who wants to kill you! You are so weak!" he shouted. You then grabbed the gun. You put it to your head. You looked into his eyes and you cried.

"You're not worth the bullet" he said and grabbed the gun away from you. Then you were about to pull the trigger and you pulled it when he was taking it away. It missed the murderer by a far shot.

"You're not like the others who never shoot me" he said and walked out. You cried on the floor and crawled to the sofa. At night you heard the same screams and shouts. You walked to his room.

"Hey" you said putting an arm on his body and he snapped up.

"What was it ?" you asked.

"Leave me alone just leave me" he said and sobbed. You sat on his bed. He looked at you and took out the gun. He gave it to you and sat with you.

"I will tell you everything and you will shoot me when you think what I say is cruel enough to kill me" he said looking at you. You nodded and he turned away to look away somewhere else.

"I was 6. My father was a snob and didn't care for anything but money. My mother was a workaholic and slept at work. I was stuck in my room and they wouldn't let me go. I wouldn't go to school. When I ran away I went to school. Everyone stared at me. I was filthy and new. They started to beat me up. I had nothing to protect myself with. Then I picked up a shard of glass from the floor. I threw it at them and it hit one of the straight in the face." He stopped and looked at you.

"I-I don't I-I-" you started to say but he turned away and continued to talk with the story.

"I went back home covered in blood. I didn't kill them but they were seriously bruised. My father was so angry he slapped me and sent me to an orphanage. They called me a monster. I couldn't change what I was. I decided to get on with it. When I could leave the orphanage I went on a killing spree." He stopped and looked at you. He then looked away and started the story again.
"I killed too many people to count." He said. You were holding the gun. You were shaking.

"That's the part where you should shoot" he said looking into the distance. You threw away the gun and looked. You were crying and he didn't notice that yet.

"What did you just do ?" he asked and looked at the gun you threw away.

"That story doesn't make you the bad guy" you said and walked out.

Later when you were sitting on the sofa he appeared. He stood in the doorway. He had his gun. He looked at you eagerly.

"Why didn't you shoot ?" he asked you.

"That makes you a murderer but it's not your fault" you said and looked at him in his eyes.

"Why...." he said but walked out and slammed the door.

At night you heard screams and shouts. This time you didn't go. Later when he was still doing it you got up and walked up. You walked over to him. You looked at his painful face and heard his screams with shouts. He then kicked you and you fell on him. He opened his eyes and saw your face.

"What are you doing ?! GET OUT !" he shouted pushing you.

"You're the one who kicked me!" you shouted and walked away slamming the door.

In the morning you heard him come to you and to the kitchen. He looked away.

"I'm sorry about kicking you" he said and walked away to sit next to you. You turned away.
Enjoy! I'll continue
randomgirlhrl Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
That was awesome I mean like it was just like woah. And I was like why Iggy get no lovin's? And I wants this continued.
NordmanIke Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You got it :D I got the reaction I was expecting! I will continue zis
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